Shake, Rattle, Rock & Roll

Next weeks sees the Morley Sing & Social close it’s doors for an extended summer break. Don’t despair, it will be returning, but not until September.stack 1

As next week (Tuesday 28th June) will be the final group for a couple of months, I will be coming back for one last party and hosting the Tuesday session in person.  I would love to see as many of you there as can make it. We really will be making it a party with our favourite friend Peppa Pig along, the best shake it all about songs, pom poms, ribbons, instruments.  The parachute will be out in full force along with a spectacular laser show.  The cakes will be unrivalled, and if that’s not enough, my mum will be making her famous flapjack for me to bring along too.

I took the opportunity to have a quick look through the many, many photo’s that are in the Mini Me Time Sing & Social archives, and thought that it was an appropriate time to share a few.. so take a look – for some of you it will certainly be a blast from the past!!

Always met with a smile by Charlotte & Debs – Debs kept everyone full to the brim with refreshments each week, at the busiest of groups we could go through 4 loaves of bread, 2 loaves of fruit bread, 3 packets of crumpets and over 6 pints of milk, that’s not mention the cakes and biscuits at half time – wow you lot could get hungry.


On the sunnier days (not many I know) – we enjoyed the odd Mini Icecream too

Icecream collage

There was so much energy used by everyone attending the Sing & Social, with a separate baby area with sensory toys, gyms etc,

Babies collage

and a toddler area with tunnels, soft rollers and roll along toys

Toys collage 1

And then there was of course the high energy music session!  Who needed to go to the gym when you could come to Sing & Social and wiggle, jiggle, bounce and shake everything you had.

Party collage

Pom poms I always felt were a favourite (or was that just me as I got chance to wiggle the booty all around the place!)

Pom pom collage

Saying that, I pretty much loved the ribbon sticks

Ribbons collage

and scarves too!

Scarves collage

Another firm favourite were the occasional visits from our friend Peppa Pig, as well as Lolipots for the handprints, and Blush photography – always making for excellent Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas gifts.

peppa collage


I have to say, I also loved our specials – Easter and Halloween where simply the best!

Specials Collage

I have been so proud of the Sing and Socials, when I started them over 3 years ago, I felt that the stay and play sessions around the place were fine, okish, but I wanted to offer more, I wanted to have a party every week, and wanted them to be THE PLACE TO BE. So with that in mind, the Sing & Socials were born – with limitless tea/coffee/toast,


free play time,

Tunnells collage 2

Tunnells collage 1

Toys collage 1

Toys collage 2


music and movement, lasers,

laser collage

parachute (the biggest you’ve ever seen!)

Parachute collage

learning to sign simple songs

Signing collage

and of course BUBBLES!


A full mornings activity for just £5 per family – never per child (I have always felt that life is expensive enough without having to pay for each individual kiddie).

faces collage 2

faces collage 1

But.. its time to take a break.  Many of you know that I relocated to Lancashire at the end of 2015, and Emily has been running the group since.  I would like to thank Emily whole heartedly.  It was no mean feat to take over such a large and long running group, and she should be congratulated for her bravery (lol) in doing so.


Natalie – who now has responsibility for the Leeds South Area (which includes Morley) will be bringing Sing and Socials back to St Andrews on Tuesdays from September, so keep and eye out for the date and be sure to come along.


Finally, I wanted to thank all the parents, children and my staff for the loyalty, support and friendship, I have loved each and every minute, and look forward to seeing you all soon x

Charlotte xxx
Founder of Mini Me Time








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