In to 2016 -Reflect and On We go

Its here already – 2016 – feels a bit weird typing 2016.

Traditionally the New Year is a time to reflect on the previous year and plan for the year head.  We remember the highs and lows, resolutions and goals we set – some reached and achieved (many not!)

My usual resolutions always include, lose a bit of weight, and get a bit fitter – however I’m the same weight as last year (ok perhaps a few pounds heavier after Christmas), and I probably made it to the gym for a total of a 1 month out of the past 12.

Other resolutions generally include, shout less at the kids, have more patience, schedule more family time, I am determined (as I am every year lol) to make these resolutions more of a reality.

I recently heard my eldest dear daughter (now coming up to 9yrs old), telling off her little sister (6 yrs old) – to my horror (and shame), she was using the same phrases, tone and attitude that regularly I hear coming out of my mouth – it did not make for comfortable listening I can tell you.

I think we forget just how much our very own Mini Me’s are simply just that – sponges, taking their lead from us, our example is everything to them.  We are pretty much their whole world of influence in their early years.  I gotta tell you – thats a big weight of responsibility – and the older they get, the more apparent and clearer it becomes!

So, top of my Goals for 2016 are:

goals 2016

  1. Be a better example – I want my children to learn love, patience and understanding.  I also want them to learn that we make mistakes, that we are not perfect, so also we need to learn to forgive quickly and learn from the things we get wrong.
  2. Family Time – one evening a week is for family time only.  Just one evening a week that is dedicated and set aside to spend together.  An evening that isn’t filled with extra curricular activities, favourite TV programmes, tablets, laptops etc.  Ok, these evenings are going to take planning to avoid us sat together, staring in to space wondering what comes next! But surely, just one evening a week should be manageable.
  3. Meal planning – A healthier us – these past few months more food than I like to admit has come straight from the freezer and in to the oven, and they’ve had more of their fair share of junk.  So, a months meal plan is done and shopping lists written
  4. I also want us all to learn a new skill – the girls started piano last year, but for one reason or another the lessons were short lived – so these are going to be re-instated forthwith, and not only for them, but for me too.. (eek.. I’m not the most musical of people,  despite my singing and dancing antics at our Mini Me Time Groovers & Movers classes!)

I’ve also set a few personal and professional goals  in addition to those above, (mostly around getting my local yoga class more than once a month, and eating more apples than chocolate)


What are your goals for this year?










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