Quicky Review – Hesketh Farm

Time is running out .. holidays will shortly be at an end.

If there is one more place you can fit in before the return to normal routines and the Autumn months descend upon us Hesketh Farm is the place to go. To say we loved it would be an understatement. Its just round the corner from Bolton Abbey – so could easily combine a visit (see earlier quicky review blog on Bolton Abbey) – although, you could spend the full day at Hesketh Farm itself without any problem at all.

Rarely do you get to go somewhere that is so hands on, with lots to do both inside and out, surrounded by amazing scenery and views.  The staff were fabulous, friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

Hesketh Farm is a working farm – in fact, if you choose to the tractor ride – it is the Farmer himself that takes you.  Which was fab as he was happy to chat through the workings of the farm, knows all his animals and gives you a real insight in a frank, friendly and informative way, rather that just the tourist guide script that you would normally expect.

From the moment you arrive you can get involved with the animals.  Sat around on bales of hay, petting, stroking and brushing guinea pigs and rabbits – to be honest, if given the chance, I don’t think the children would ever have moved on from this point… and they did return numerous times!


But there was more.. much more.

You have to opportunity to bottle feed the calves


You can collect eggs from the chicken coops – they are still warm!!


Hold the new born chicks – in fact we watched a brand new chick actually hatch from its shell – AWESOME


Brush the pigs


Feed the horse

There are even giant tortoises wandering round the place – amazing


The fun didn’t stop there, as there are indoor play areas, including a straw bale maze, sandpit, ride along tractors (and mini ones for even smaller visitors).  All this is inside, within the inside picnic area.

WP_20150826_009 WP_20150826_011 WP_20150826_010

WP_20150826_007 WP_20150826_008

There is a small cafe – and I have to say, very very reasonably priced for sandwiches, treats and drinks.  We had taken our own, but even if we hadn’t, getting lunch and drinks wouldn’t have broken the bank.  We did treat ourselves to the hugest yummiest chocolate chip cookie – it it was just a £1 – so big that 3 of us shared it!

There is the outside picnic areas, and adventure play ground.  As well as a large tractor that can be climbed on – great for photos.  Animals in the surrounding fields and as mentioned earlier, you can go on the tractor ride with the farmer.

WP_20150826_014 WP_20150826_015

What I really enjoyed was how truly interactive the place is.  The kids (and me too!) could just go from place to place, touching, stroking and feeding animals, ask questions.  There was simply so much to do and experience.

It was lovely to watch the children get so involved with the animals, learning loads without even realising it.  There were displays with different sized eggs, that you then matched up to the birds – Natalie got a little confused when she came across a Creme Egg in the display!  Nice little touch of humour I thought and made us all have a bit of a giggle. All the way through there are different puzzles on the walls, displays, things to look at and experience.

Because there is so much indoors as well as outdoors – weather really isn’t an issue.  We were lucky enough to get sunshine whilst we were there, but I honestly don’t think even if we had got the usual British drizzle and grey skies it would’ve made any difference to our enjoyment of the day.

We got there quite late on – probably around 1pm, and left about 4.45pm.  A return visit is an absolute definite, and we will certainly be getting there earlier to make the most of whats on offer.

WP_20150826_033 WP_20150826_034

Cost – very reasonable.  Kids £5.50, Kids Under 2 £3.00 and Kids Under 1 are free, Adults £6.50, the tractor ride is an extra £1 per person (and worth it)


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  1. erinalice says:

    Wow! What a brilliant day. I agree, this is much more ‘hands on’ than most farm visits. Looks like you guys had a great time – yet another one for us to add to our list! Thanks for linking up with #YorkshireFamily


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