Fun for Free!

How can it be that we are already half way through the summer holidays.  Where have the weeks gone, and what are we going to do with the remaining weeks to make the most of them.

We have been working through our Summer Bucket List and I have to say that the introduction of the Bored Board has been the best thing ever.

Bucket List Activities:

Bored Board Activities

  • Story writing – check (quite a few, almost got a library!)
  • Make up & nails (theirs, mine, their dolls!)
  • Talent show (proving that I have zero talent, and Jess now thinks she’s ready for the X Factor – she soooo isn’t!)

This week were were being more careful with the budget so decided on some home activity stuff from the bucket list – what is even better is that home stuff is free (well, almost) – definatley worth giving a go.

  1. Tie Dying – something the kids have wanted to give a go for ages.

A definite outside activity, and with Monday being a dry, occasionally sunny day it was the perfect opportunity.  A quick google on instructions – came across (click here), a dash to Wilkinsons for the dye, salt and cheap washing up bowls,   Dug out their P.E t-shirts from the last term of school and off we went.

dye 1 Collage

It was such a pleasure to watch them coming up with their designs, deciding on colours and how they wanted them to look. They showed patience in waiting for the dye to work and were so excited when it was time to take them out and see how their designs had turned out. They even offered a critique on the patterns, and decided what they would do differently with the next t-shirt.

tshirt collage

2. Sports day & water play

Got together with friends and did a sports day and water slide.  A few bean bags, balls, hula hoops and sacks – lots of chaotic races (lol) medals (cheapie ones from Asda) and sweeties given out for prizes for everyone.

WP_20150806_015 WP_20150806_014WP_20150806_007

Then the waterslide – just a huge piece of plastic, a few bubbles and water – hey presto – water funtastic

waterslide 1 waterslide 2

3. Paint Wars

Wow, this is something you have just got to try.  Be prepared – you have to embrace the mess, but its so worth it.

This amounts to pretty much to covering the garden in lining paper, squirting a load of paint all over it, and letting the kids (ok.. and me too) slip, slide, run through, roll in and get throughly covered in paint.  Of course, it descended in to not only squirting the paper with paint, but then each other!

paint collage 1

paint collage 2

4. Water hose

The best way to finish of paint wars is with the garden hose of course. The water hose brought a whole other dimension to our play time, being chased round the garden by my 8yr old squeeling (the squeeling was me, not her!) jumping through the spray and their total awe when they made rainbows appear through the mist was pretty magical.

paint collage 3

So the cost – almost nothing

  1. Tie -Dying – Dyes were £2.99 each, and I got 4, plus salt and extra washing up bowls.  Used old white t-shirts and a couple of new ones.  So probably spent about £20 in total – but we got around 15 t-shirts (and could’ve done more) and a full afternoon of fun for 3 kids.
  2. Sports day – £5 on medals and sweets, the rest of the stuff was what we had and could make games out of.. just need a bit of imagination
  3. Paint Wars – Paint was £1 per bottle from Asda, got 4 bottles, roll of lining paper from Wilkinsons – £2, so total of £6

A few ideas maybe to give a try this summer at home that don’t cost the earth.

We are working through a few more Summer Bucket List activities next week – so keep an eye out for reviews

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1 Response to Fun for Free!

  1. erinalice says:

    Wow! It looks like you guys had so much fun. I loved tye-dying as a kid but I haven’t thought about it for a long time. I think my kids would love it. Thanks for linking up with #YorkshireFamily


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