Make a plan!

The holidays are finally here – I am hearing shouts for hooray (from the kids at least!)

I’ve actually managed to do a little bit of holiday preparation – afterall 7 weeks is a pretty long time in kids lives, so to have a bit of a plan in place to minimise bickering, falling out and hearing endlessly ‘I’m Bored!!!’ is essential.

After pinching a few ideas from everywhere I can (for more ideas see our previous blogs Summer Bucket List, Fun for a Fiver and also check out Yorkshire Tots too) we have a weekly plan of sorts

Our week at a glance:

Mondays – Summer bucket list activity

Tuesdays – Work

Wednesdays – Work

Thursdays – Play dates – mummy friends, and friends  friends, and anyone else that fancies coming (all are welcome) are going to meet up at our Church on Thursdays, all bring the kids, pot luck picnic type of thing.  Good weather means outside activities (I’ll be bringing the Mini Me Time soft play equipment), bad weather means inside activities (crafts, DVD’s etc) – FREE day with minimum organisation involved

Fridays – play it by ear day.  I do like to keep a day a week where we can do things spur of the moment, impromptu activities can often be the best and also means less pressure – a duvet day with DVD’s sometimes is just what the doctor ordered

With the exception of work days, all things are flexible and weather dependent of course – but rather than floundering each morning trying to decide how best to use our day, we have a plan of sorts.

We’ve come up with our own must do’s for these holidays

Summer Bucket List

  • Cannon Hall (of course, what holiday wouldn’t be complete without a day there!)
  • Paddle in the sea and have sandcastle building competition
  • Picnics
  • Fairburn Ings (they loved the pond dipping last time we went)
  • Barnsley Metrodome – swimming and slides for all ages
  • Garden party – invite friends round with cake and games
  • Water day (slides, water fights, paddling pools),
  • Room on the Broom trail (at Wakefield)
  • Garden camping (where’s the tent????)
  • Rock scrambliing (Brimham Rocks in Ilkley)
  • Open air swimming (thinking Lido in Ilkley)
  • Den making (collecting cardboard boxes everywhere I go)
  • Knowlsley Safari park
  • Row a boat (boating lake at Shibden Park)
  • Messy day – this involves a number of messy activities including covering the garden in lining paper, covering it in paint, them in old t-shirts and shorts and in they get.  It also involves me guarding the front door with the garden hose in hand!
  • T-Shirt tye-dying (hmm.. should be interesting)

We also did our Bored Board this week.  Hearing the kids go ‘I’m bored‘ drives me crazy!  I came across an idea recently which I thought was pure gold. Got the girls to put together a Bored Board – they make a list of home based activities they might like to do, and when ever I’m Bored escapes their lips – they will get immediately referred to their Bored Board for inspiration.


Their Bored Board includes things such as:

  • read a book
  • write a story,
  • make finger/sock puppets,
  • put on a puppet show,
  • baking
  • talent show
  • scavenger hunt
  • write their blog
  • paint a picture
  • do jigsaws
  • do make up and nails

.. the list goes on

I think even for those that have little ones too young to either have their own ideas, as a parent, putting together your own bored board of things you can do if plans fall through, weather hinders activities etc means you’ve got something quick to refer to.  Often its the thinking of stuff to occupy their time that is the chore, rather than the activity itself.

Our family fingers are well and truly crossed for at least a bit of sunshine over the coming weeks, and I’m most definitely hoping that we’ve enough planned to keep ‘I’m Bored‘ from passing their lips

What do you have planned for the holidays, love to share ideas

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