5 Ideas for some Summer Holiday fun for a fiver!

On Tuesday we attended the Sing and social for the usual snacks, banter and musical madness (okay I was leading but that’s a whole other story). The kids have been dying to go as due to a holiday in Italy and a couple of sunny days out with cousins, we haven’t had an opportunity to go. I remember last summer we would go every Tuesday, pack a lunch and hit the park for the afternoon. If you haven’t ever done that I encourage you to try it this summer, it makes for a great (and tiring) day because lets face it, once you’ve attended the Sing and Social its practically lunch time.

As I reflected on this little tradition we created for ourselves last year it got me thinking about what other activities we enjoy on our doorstep that take a good chunk of time and don’t cost the earth… So if you are wondering of places to go this summer and are tight like me hopefully some of my old and new fave locations will help you out this holiday and keep your finances healthy!
Local activities  to do (1)

1. Sing and Social – Of course this is top of the list (it is a Mini Me Time blog after all hahaha) because as I said earlier its a great routine to create and one less day to think about. Family entry is £5 (1 Adult + 3 kids) and not only includes play, music session, lasers and bubbles but there’s also toast galore, juice, tea, coffee and cakes! Im telling you pack a picnic head to the park after and that’s every Tuesday taken care of.
sing-and-socialDisclaimer: If you don’t like shaking ya sillies, large crowds and madness then this isn’t for you!

2. Soft Play – Morley area has 3 decent soft plays that we rotate between, each have different attractions that draw the kids in. I don’t mind soft play but do find it on the pricey side once you have bought food, snacks, drinks, which then of course goes from being in the £5 budget.

BUTTONS – Buttons is up by Asda and has recently changed hands and all staff are very friendly, the food is reasonable and entry about £3.50 BUT they also have loyalty cards so of course after a few visits this will be a FREE location for you.

MUNCHKINS – To be honest I find this a little dingy and the foods not the best, but the kids LOVE it because it has a wreck it ball and trampoline. It was about £3.75 each last time I went but due to my daughter pooing her pants…we kinda haven’t been in a while!

JUNGLE CATS – Jungle cats is down next to the library, a lot smaller than the others and pricier too (£4.50) but also very clean, friendly and food is limited, but that isn’t a bad thing as the snacks they do have are pretty reasonable. Don’t go too near to closing time though as no discount will be offered for a short play (Yes I did try haha). It also has those little cars the kids love but cause most of the contentions between kids.

3. Museums – There are so many brilliant museums local to us; Red house, Oakwell hall, Leeds city (not to mention the tonnes of others further out) all have brilliant facilities for kids and especially throughout the holidays id say to check their websites as they have fab activities on. We have booked the kids onto “bush babies” at Oakwell hall for £3 each..okay a £ over budget but it will fill the morning and then we can spend the afternoon on a nature walk there and in the park.

4. Swimming – £4.90 for an adult and if kids are under 5 then they of course are FREE (whoop), even better is if you have a Leeds card/Leeds card extra then the price is significantly lower (£2.60 ish) so makes for a VERY cheap morning or afternoon out. We do a lot of jumping in, playing sharks and crocodiles and catch with the ball. We always end up in the park after and so again an activity that takes up a good chunk of time and is a lot of fun.
Morley Leisure centre also has a lot of other summer activities on I noticed so be sure to look out for those.

5.The Rainbow Factory – This is a VERY new play centre that recently opened in Farsley. I’m telling you now it stretches beyond the “day out for a fiver” but is very much worth it. It is a play centre based on classic books and the perfect place to capture children’s imaginations and creative sides.
We went last week and stayed for over 2 hours (read about it here) but could have easily extended that. It takes you on the Yellow brick road through little handmade model scenes from favourite books…on to the creative kitchen to make something and into the story garden where you can read, play and dress up and perform. They have an interactive story room where “We’re going on a bear hunt” comes to life and a lovely little tea room with reasonably priced snacks.
InstagramCapture_217417e6-14b4-4886-8613-f37f8b73d3a9If you have any more suggestions please do comment below or check out Yorkshire Tots calender for your local activities in Yorkshire this summer (there are LOADS) but here’s hoping you have a mint summer whatever you choose to do and that your not bankrupt at the end of it!


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