Summer Bucket List

Last week, in our weekly family night we decided to put together a “summer bucket list” which we did last year (to really make the most of it) and which we loved having. I’m assuming everyone underdstands the phrase “bucket list”, but just incase you have no idea what I am referring to, then a bucket list is a list of goals, hopes, desires, things you want to do/see/experience before you kick the bucket. A summer Bucket list therefore is a similar idea but crammed into the summer period – BINGO! So Yeah last week we created just that – a list of hopes, to do’s, sees and experiences for the summer period – The evening basically consisted of my husband and I spouting off suggestions whilst the kids sat there like nodding Churchill dogs, occasionally blurting out descriptions of ice-creams, repeated chats of paddling pools and asking if it was time for treats yet?!

As the Summer holidays are almost upon us and because the weather has been so lush this week (and also to save yourselves the pain of trying to get your 3 & 4 year olds to suggest days out) I share with you our “Summer Bucket List” (in no particular order) and hope you like it – you should know that we have family at the coast and a National trust membership, both of which make a lot of our activities more easily accessible and next to nothing cost wise.
2. Legoland Discovery Centre
3. Breakfast Picnic
4. A water Slide in Grandma S Garden
5. Build a MASSIVE sandcastle
6. Look for crabs and fishes
7. Make our own Tshirts
8.A BBQ in the garden
9, Make a summer “treasure box” and collect things to keep in it from all of our adventures
10. Build a raft with Granddad G
11. Billy Bob’s Ice cream parlour
12. Visit Daddies sister and hubby in Norwich
13. Strawberry Picking
14. Ilkly Lido
15. Pirate Ship at Bridlington
16. Swim in a River
17. Picnics at the Park
18. Go to the Seaside
19. Go on a land train at the beach
20. See the Light house
21. Go camping
22. Cook our dinner on an open fire/toast marshmallows/smores
23. Go to a fair
24. Blackpool Pleasure beach and/or Flamingo land
25. Brimham Rocks
26. Safari Park (get this deal)
27. Model Village at Bridlington
28. Ice cream party and water fight party with buddies
29. Water exhibit at Magna
30. Clumba park / sherwood forest
31. Chatsworth House
32. Go up a mountain

There you have it – 32 things we came up with to make the most of summer and make it memorable fun and happening! In between we plan on spending loads of time with cousins, friends and generally wearing ourselves out with adventures every single day!
13893_10152376408636553_3280992475196944257_nI’d love to hear some of the things your families enjoy or things you come up with for your own bucket list!


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The Hearty life is an award nominated blog written by me Mary; a wife and stay at home mum of 3, living in beautiful Yorkshire! It is the story of our life's adventures together... the place where I share the highs and lows of life after baby loss, my loves, our travels & day to day adventures, & the general banter of family life as we seek for a Joyful and "hearty" life together!
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