Mini Me Time News – April / May 2015

Hello and welcome from everyone here at Mini Me Time!  Given how much has been going on through the first part of 2015, I thought it was about time I  gave you all a quick update.

You will find the following topics in this edition of Mini News – scroll down and read whats of interest.


  • Facebook – what you need to know
  • Mini Aid – Newly launched this term  – Paediatric First Aid Sessions
  • Mini Gym & Mini Fit – launched in January – what to expect in classes
  • Online Booking goes LIVE!Our ‘Life with Mini Me Time’ Blog
  • Online Booking goes LIVE!
  • The summer holidays schedule of activities is on its way!
Mini Me Facebook Page
Have you been missing out on Facebook posts from Mini Me? This might be because Facebook has been filtering everyone’s News Feed, basically only showing you posts that it thinks you’d be interested in through the  ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. But if you haven’t done that recently, you’ll see less and less posts from us, and you might miss out on new class times, dates for parties and competitions.  How do you get us back? Easy.  Just go to our Facebook page and ‘like’ a post or two (or the whole lot – the more the merrier!!) and maybe ‘share’ a couple of our new blog posts.  This should tell Facebook’s computer programme that you want to see more Mini Me and as if by magic, we will appear! So get liking!!
Mini Aid
First Aid is something that each and every one of us should have knowledge of but many of us fear we don’t have enough.  Statistics show that only 1 in 10 parents feel they would be able to respond effectively to a first aid emergency with their child.We developed Mini Aid sessions to give parents the basic knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to be able to act quickly in an emergency situation. We run two sessions; Session 1 for expectant parents and parents with infants under 1 and Session 2 for parents with children aged over 1. The sessions run for two hours and provide parents with practical knowledge and skills to be able to respond to a First Aid emergency.

Topics include: Basic Life Support (CPR); Choking; Medical conditions/illnesses; Wounds and Bleeding; Burns. Sessions are friendly and informal.  Light refreshments are available throughout.  Sessions are scheduled both during the week, and also held on weekends enabling parents to attend as a family (so mum and dad).  Check out our website for the dates of the next classes

Mini Gym & Mini Fit

We’re really enjoying running Mini Gym and Mini Fit classes and they seem really popular with the little ones.

Mini Gym is for children from crawling to 2 years and is an apparatus-based class that includes soft play equipment, spinners, tunnels, balancers, beams and more for the little ones to climb over, under, around, in and out of.  Babies love to bounce, spin and roll – all of which they can do at a Mini Gym class.  The class lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes free discovery time, and then structured circle time to develop skills.  Then, as with all Mini Me Time classes, there is time for drinks and socialising at the end. Parents are telling us they love the fact that they don’t have to try and keep the babies in one spot, all the children can freely explore the equipment, wherever they want, whenever they want, learning and developing as they go.

Mini Fit is aimed at children from 2 to 5 years and aims to introduce children to the world of sports and fitness in a fun and totally inclusive way.  So every week there is a different sporting theme from football, athletics (everything from running, to javelin, hurdles – very small ones!), cricket, volleyball, and many more.  Children get to experience a range of new equipment, learn basic sports skills based on that week’s theme, all whilst running, jumping, throwing, catching and having a great time. Every week children have the opportunity to win the player of the week trophy, and each child at the end of the 10 week term is awarded a certificate of achievement and the skills badge for that term.  The feedback has been amazing so far, the children love the variety of sports skills they get to experience, enjoying the different equipment they get to use and parents love the energy they are burning off in every 45 minute class!

Online Booking
We’ve been working with Class4Kids and now have an online booking system that also offers online payment – great for those of us that never carry cash or cheques! All you need to do is go to our bookings page scroll down to the class you want to book and follow the link and instructions – easy!
Summer Programme

Our Summer Programme is on its way.. Our Weekly Sing & Socials & Sensory Socials will continue throughout the holidays.  There will also be our Mini Mess holiday sessions, Teddy Bears Picnic, Mini Fit Camps and much more!

Keep an eye out for all the exciting activities, classes, drop in sessions and parties that we will have on offer to make the most out of summer with your little ones

Thank you for reading.  We hope that you found some of the information useful and interesting.  If you have any questions regarding any of our classes, sessions, drop ins, please feel free to contact me

email –
tel/text – 07703 502017 –


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