The things kids say

I find it an exciting milestone when your kids can finally communicate verbally with you. When that teeny baby is laid in your arms a whole host of future activities, who they will be and what they might get up to runs through your mind. For me I always imagine what they might sound like; i’m not talking about the 3am screams and colic whines as we all hope our baby will be different and soon come to know how annoying that sounds! No I mean their little voices, how will they sound and what will be the 1st word (anything other than ‘mummy/mama’ is an insult)?! Their 1st babbles are simply gorgeous and lets be honest what sounds like absolute gobbledygook we big up to people as actual words.
168056_10150093939096553_6045_nI am now in the phase where my kids speak wonderfully, we have the most amazing chats about things and they are both pretty deep thinkers. I’ve often had comments that E sounds posh and a mini adult and Megs is the broadest “street” sounding kid I know, most people that meet her are in stitches with her deep broad voice, and in actual fact you literally can not shut them up now (this is a mint new skill and everyone will hear it) day and night they chatter on and on….and on. A lot of the time I love it but sometimes I think “oh for a moment of silence and stillness…my mind cannot take any more” (sound familiar?). The problem we all face when they become “good talkers” is not that they never stop, but rather they copy us and how we speak. The reason kids are bilingual is through repeated hearing and copying of those languages… Ethan had excellent Spanish conversation on holiday 2 years ago because he repeated everything I was saying – it was fantastic to see how easy they pick it up. Just as easily as conversational Spanish my kids have picked up several other conversational phrase recently, for example my 2 year old, Megan, her favourite phrases are “ugh will you stop stressing me” and “just stop talking to me and drive”!
InstagramCapture_eae522a6-e5c1-4046-ba04-b0d0420f0bdbThe other day as we walked through the park little E (4) turned to me and said “Woah this is the mintest park i’ve been to init mummy” – I laughed my head off as it was totally me in 4 year old boy form. A few weeks ago I cringed when he shouted “What’s all the crap doing here” and realised its great with nice phrases but then we always have the awkward moments when they come out with the “naughty words” or something that really shouldn’t be repeated to that person!!! Whoooppps! It seemed for a while that he and my almost 3 year old were only repeating things I DIDN’T want them knowing, let alone saying. Their convos with one another were always plotting something, mischief or scrapping when the other disagreed! I have realised from past experience (limited) that when you make a big deal about telling them NOT to do (or say) something they will do (or say) it even more and then its frustration and social awkwardness to the max, you can see why then I was touched as I heard the kids playing the other day when Ethan said to his sister “Come on my darling ill help that okay sweetheart” and after asking him he confirmed “well she is my little sweetheart Meggy isn’t she?” – how wonderful that they have heard us use these good kind words and say them too to those they love. Whilst I battle day in day out to stop them saying the bad and naughty words they’ve heard and to stop calling each other “little chav” and “Poo face” (yes both very frequently used) moments like this make it all worth it.
WP_20150423_12_24_01_ProI absolutely love hearing the things kids say and love what they pick up and come out with, whilst it tires my head to hear it sometimes I never get bored of it! I hope you enjoy talking with your kids and teaching them new words and vocab, id love to hear some of the things your kids say? and for those not yet here, as you look at the sweet baby you hold now waiting for the day they’ll chat to you or say “duck, ball, mama”… you probably will vow that they’ll never hear you shout or say a bad word…Good luck with that, its all part of the adventure!

Mary x 


About Mary @TheHeartyLife

The Hearty life is an award nominated blog written by me Mary; a wife and stay at home mum of 3, living in beautiful Yorkshire! It is the story of our life's adventures together... the place where I share the highs and lows of life after baby loss, my loves, our travels & day to day adventures, & the general banter of family life as we seek for a Joyful and "hearty" life together!
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