Paper Plate Crafts

There seems to be some kind of unwritten rule or expectation that part of being a mother means being creative with the kids, getting crafty and producing amazing things together. You only have to look on pinterest and see we are surrounded by super mums that make the most AMAZING things with their kids and actually love doing it! I could curse the day Mr Maker entered our lives, with his maker mobile and endless “easy” crafts (craft with a 4 & 2 year old and then tell me how easy it is). Like many Mum’s big on social media I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to “Kids stuff” brimming with fabulous craft ideas but there’s one small  massive problem (if you haven’t already guessed) – I find crafting with kids pretty stressful!!

I do like to do crafts occasionally with my kids, but each time I set something up, not 5 minutes in I remember why its been so long since we got our craft on. I don’t know about you but I don’t like the mess it creates, its so much effort for what seems quite a quick activity and then there’s the times you have to pretend like the tat they’ve made is the best creation since Picasso! I just can’t be doing with it in my life some weeks yet there’s something about seasons changing and “holidays” like Easter, Christmas, valentines etc that make you want to crack out the paints, junk modelling and glue and get crafty!

One thing I do find extremely easy, relatively stress free and easy to compliment on are “Paper Plate crafts” (look here to see some from Christmas)! Pinterest has several ideas and some I came up with. They’re inexpensive (great when it comes to binning them) and results are quick. My kids love them – to be fair it doesn’t take much to impress a preschooler so get yourself down to home bargains and grab a pack of paper plates.

Here are a few things we tried leading up to Easter that you may (or not) want to recreate with your little ones.

Chicks in nests
Cut 2 circles from card, felt or foam (we used foam) and 2 random shapes for wings
Cut a small orange triangle (or draw it on)
2 googley eyes
some shredded paper

Here’s one by my 2yr old – I actually LOVE it!


And the 4 yr old (see easily pleased)

cut 4 ear shapes (again we used foam) 1 set smaller to sit inside bigger for ears
grab something for a nose – we had pompoms
2 googley eyes


The 4 yr olds – No words…I dont know what happened!


And by the expert crafter it seems at only 2:


Easter Bunny Masks
Cut circle middle out of plate
cut 4 ear shapes (we used paper and left over plate) 1 set smaller to sit inside bigger for ears
Tape a lolly stick at bottom behind to hold
Add some whiskers


Mary x 


About Mary @TheHeartyLife

The Hearty life is an award nominated blog written by me Mary; a wife and stay at home mum of 3, living in beautiful Yorkshire! It is the story of our life's adventures together... the place where I share the highs and lows of life after baby loss, my loves, our travels & day to day adventures, & the general banter of family life as we seek for a Joyful and "hearty" life together!
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