What’s Next?

We are fast approaching the end of this term, so the most frequently asked question is ‘What’s next?’

‘Whats next’ is always a hot topic when it comes to our little ones .. pretty much from they day they are born. It’s an easy one to answer as Mini Me Time offer it all; there is always something next on the horizon for parents and their little ones to enjoy together – many doing the mini massage go on to do the yoga, the yoga class go on to do Mini Groovers, Mini Groovers go on to do Mini Sign or Mini Gym. Once they are truly on the move, there is Mini Movers and the Mini Gym. That is the way I developed Mini Me Time to be. I wanted to offer parents the widest range of activities available that allowed them to remain with a company that truly cares and has their family needs as a priority, and more importantly allowed them to keep within the same network of friends they had made in class, everyone if they wish can move on to ‘whats next’ together!

My first daughter had a bit of a hard start in life and spent her first few days in the Neonatal Unit – right from then, it was always, ok, she’s improving.. whats next.. in to the Special Care Baby Unit, whats next.. I get to hold her for the first time (a memory that I treasure and fills me with joy and my eyes with tears everytime I recall it). But then, it was, whats next..transitional care unit.. whats next.. you can take her home – HOORAY!

Pic 1

The miracle that is our baby is astounding. We constantly look towards their next milestone of development. From their first smile to their first giggle, then the reaching out, rolling over, sitting up, weaning, crawling, walking, talking.. before we know it, they are at school..where did those years go?

One of the many things I’ve learnt as a parent of two girls, is that they grow and develop in their own time, at the own rate, and they all go through different phases throughout their infancy and childhood..On the subject of phases I remember all too clearly as a new mum being advised – don’t worry about them doing xxxx (insert own ) – its just a phase they are going through, and I occasionally find myself saying the same thing to new mums (heavens forbid..), admittedly, the 2 years of sleep deprivation caused by the ‘non sleeping phase’ was trying to say the least!

Whatever stage/phase/development point our children are at, knowing it may well be a normal phase doesn’t necessarily help alleviate the anxiety we experience in worrying about our what our baby should/should not be doing next! As they grow I have surprised myself at surviving the various phases – the refusal of all food that contained vitamins and minerals and accepting that sausages would be the main staple of the diet for a while was challenging, but hey.. they are still standing! I made it through the ‘watching of The Lion King DVD at every waking moment’ phase relatively unscathed (The DVD didn’t!). I survived the ‘only wearing princess dresses no matter where we were going’ phase pretty much in one piece.

Pic 2

There was the what seemed the eternal phase of my youngest daughter… at 3yrs old decided she was a boy called Fred. She insisted that all her nursery pictures had the name “Fred” on them. She would only respond to her swimming instructor if he called her Fred. Taking her on holiday, sat on the plane, the very kind air steward asked her name, to which she replied “I’m a boy called Fred” (this clearly wasn’t the case as she was dressed in a pink top & skirt with pigtails) This phase lasted over 6 months, when she suddenly decided she was a girl called Natalie again – the phased had passed as quickly as it had come.

I think its interesting how babies and children go through these little periods of obsession whether they realise it or not. Even as adults, we go through our own obsessions (my current one is learning how to sew).. its what makes us human. Life is made up of different phases, realising its not just a child thing, but accepting it’s the way we all are has helped me take phases a lot more in my stride these days, and try to accept it’s a normal part of my children learning about life. I’ve got to say, the Disney Frozen phase that I think most parents have or are sure to experience at some point did take me to the brink at times!

As a family, we recently decided to keep a weekly journal together (ok.. weekly is a bit optimistic, but are trying to make regular entries at the very least) taking the time to remember, to savour, to record and enjoy the here and now.

Pic 3

We include pictures, drawings, notes on what made us happy, what we are grateful for, what made us sad. In the front I keep a copy of the poem below which I thought I’d share As I hold you close to me,

Your eyes meet mine so curiously,
My heart is captured instantly.
You are my miracle.
And I watch you as you grow,
As you toddle to and fro,
You smile at me and I know,
You are my miracle.
Now you know your alphabet
And sing in ways I won’t forget
Time for school, please don’t go yet.
You are my miracle.
Every day, you make me proud
I want to shout it to the crowd
“I love this child!” I scream aloud.
You are my miracle.
You’re nearly just as tall as me!
There’s so much more for you see!
Whatever it is you choose to be,
You are my miracle.
I can’t believe you are grown.
My oh my how time has flown.
It’s time to reap what I have sown.
You are my miracle.
We’ve had many years, even so,
I wish it wasn’t time for you to go.
Be blessed, my child, and always know,
You are my miracle.
May I remember with each stage to pass
That no season of this time will last
And may I not forget so fast
That you are my miracle

Copyright 2015 Rebecca Eanes

Looking forward to ‘whats next’ is of course natural but with the passage of time being so fast, enjoying the here and now can be so much more rewarding.

Charlotte x


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