Falling into Blogging

My daughter fell down the stairs the other day (please tell me this has happened to you too) she thankfully wasn’t hurt. It always seems the moment you take your eyes off them they get into something – I really am beginning to believe the saying that “you need eyes in the back of your head”!

As I comforted her and ensured there was no blood, no breaks and no permanent damage it got me thinking about how easy it is to fall into things. We do it all the time in life…fall into bed after a hard day, fall into awkward situations, fall in love, fall / scramble into the role of a parent and perhaps even fall into a job.

Some things are a big fall and they hurt (child birth comes to mind #cringe but more so illness/loss etc) but rarely cause damage we can not heal from eventually.

Some things change us forever..love..parenting..a career…friendships.

And then there’s just those small falls; we didn’t see them coming but then they don’t really hurt, but they certainly change us. It has been like that with blogging, as times change and life moves with the times here we are falling into the world of blogging, its exciting (and fairly new) something I never imagined I’d be doing but completely love. I fell into being an instructor for Mini me and now here I am parenting and battling like the rest of you with some tapping away on my chromebook keys in between. I look forward to this journey that lies ahead.

What have “falls” have you had recently and how has it affected you?


About Mary @TheHeartyLife

The Hearty life is an award nominated blog written by me Mary; a wife and stay at home mum of 3, living in beautiful Yorkshire! It is the story of our life's adventures together... the place where I share the highs and lows of life after baby loss, my loves, our travels & day to day adventures, & the general banter of family life as we seek for a Joyful and "hearty" life together!
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